first generation

The power for change is within all of us.
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When I graduate college, I won’t be walking that stage alone.
College is exciting, adventurous, and awe-inspiring. But it is also terrifying and lonely. We take eighteen-year-olds who
Three years ago, I made the decision to leave a well-paying job at Bank of America Merrill Lynch to come back to graduate
Knowing my family members won't get torn from me because of policies like DAPA is motivation to ensure that others can have what I believe is truly the American dream: living safe, healthy, and happy in the country that you love and call home.
"Lift as you climb. You may be the first in your family but make sure you are not the last."
“In many ways, I am an extension of you and your values. As such, every single one of my accomplishments, is your accomplishment.”
They are not wrought with the insecurities and self-doubt this nation shoves down the throats of those born and raised here at every turn they take. The negative signals come in the form of overt and covert cultural racism.
There is no work more important or rewarding than social work, teaching, counseling, and advocacy. I encourage you to delve into the revised framework and assess if it could accurately reflect the unique elements of your higher education institution and the value of a degree.
“She had the grades and determination to go to college but she was struggling with, ‘How do I leave my family’?” Fenderson