first generation college students

The power for change is within all of us.
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Those of us privileged to earn a degree must never take our education for granted.
Third, the Hub is a cost-effective way for high schools and colleges to achieve their mission. Most educators want to provide
The most important thing to be in college is curious. Asking questions is how you make your college experience your own -- you make it personal.
Another thing that influenced me to work in higher education, specifically community colleges, was the access to education
The road here was not a smooth one: it was full of potholes and detours. I started off taking courses at my local community
You should NOT apply early if: You are not fully committed to a college You are still researching schools You had a bad junior
Far above Cayuga's waters, I am a Senior at Cornell and I am tired of being the teacher of my own race/class/gender/disability-based trauma.
Below are five tips to help students successfully navigate their first semester of college: #4: Become Involved Taking advantage
In this special time of demagoguery and democratic politics, much is made of the need to sustain the nation's competitiveness in an ever increasing global economy. But as most states know quite well, the competitiveness of any community rests primarily on the education and training of their workforce.
As a former high-achieving, low-income student, who now teaches at a college serving other first-generation college students
Financial aid packages have been reviewed, colleges have been visited and in most cases, final reflection has taken place. Some students know the moment they visit a particular campus it's the right school for them. But for a majority, the final decision is much more complex.
There is a set of vocabulary words that, if taken seriously, are designed to give students a competitive edge. Hear me out
For many students, college acceptance does not guarantee college completion.
Focus. Study. Apply yourself. Persevere. Never give up. Put in the hours. Stretch yourself: Don't be afraid to sign up for
The second thing I tell them is something I wish someone shared with me when I was in their shoes. I was ashamed of who I
If we are truly going to make America great again, we need to be visible and vocal in support of these first-generation students because they are the future curators of the American dream.
As high school graduations wind down, many college-bound students are setting their sights not only on entering college come fall, but also making sense of what can be complicated financial aid packages.