first generation college students

The power for change is within all of us.
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Those of us privileged to earn a degree must never take our education for granted.
By Lynne Martin, Executive Director Students Rising Above To learn more about the Hub, contact Vanessa Barbic at vbarbic
The most important thing to be in college is curious. Asking questions is how you make your college experience your own -- you make it personal.
You are a first generation to college student. What inspired you to go to university? Part of the entrepreneurial mindset
College is exciting, adventurous, and awe-inspiring. But it is also terrifying and lonely. We take eighteen-year-olds who
Early Action Early Action is NOT binding. You will apply earlier, and will find out earlier whether you get into the college
Far above Cayuga's waters, I am a Senior at Cornell and I am tired of being the teacher of my own race/class/gender/disability-based trauma.
#5: Seek Online Support Support is always just a click away from online resources such as Students Rising Above's (SRA) College2Careers
In this special time of demagoguery and democratic politics, much is made of the need to sustain the nation's competitiveness in an ever increasing global economy. But as most states know quite well, the competitiveness of any community rests primarily on the education and training of their workforce.