first gentleman

Is the modern man a savage or a gentleman? A hunter or a philosopher? A manual laborer or a technophile? In today's culture
No one expects this guy to bake cookies or host teas. And that's good news for America.
Bill's speech about Hillary gave accomplished women their due.
Hillary is making history and bringing her husband along for the ride.
...Even though he didn't know if Hillary would "ever have a chance to run" for president.
If Hillary Clinton or Carly Fiorina succeeds in their 2016 bid, will Bill Clinton or Frank Fiorina really be known as the First Gentleman? It seems an oddly ornate title. Soon after Washington's first inauguration in April 1789, suggestions in Congress that he be known as "His Excellency" or "His Highness" were rejected.
We've never faced this problem as a nation, and not just on one single level, either. Like all things Clinton, it's complicated.