First Ladies

The anthology features episodes about the powerful women who occupied the White House.
Jackie O. and Michelle Obama weren't the only fashionable first ladies.
From Eleanor Roosevelt to Michelle Obama, first ladies have championed important causes.
When women are educated, their children are more likely to be educated. When women have access to quality healthcare, their
God bless First Mothers and First Ladies who continue to remind us how it can be done peacefully and with hope. This particular insight alone brings me much comfort, knowing that a mother's heart is closer to reaching the White House as president. This fact might very well be our American resurrection.
"I hope that no one will ever tell a girl that there is something she can't do because she is a girl."
Michael John LaChiusa's "First Daughter Suite" is a two-act "fantasia" about first ladies and their daughters.
First Lady Michelle Obama (United States) Zambia's first lady, Christine Kaseba-Sata, is also a doctor who has practiced
Obama was the favorite of 58 percent of African-Americans surveyed, while Clinton was the favorite of 30 percent of those
Dr. Jill Biden, Vice President Joe Biden's wife, has continued to work as a full-time professor at Northern Virginia Community
"I love Bill Clinton," Bush said during an interview C-SPAN aired Monday. "Maybe not his politics, but I love Bill Clinton
Images via the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Museum and Library [H/T Retronaut] According to Slate, it was Roosevelt's
Five years ago, I could have only dreamed that we would bring Laura Bush and Michelle Obama together on an international stage to discuss their experiences as first ladies with their counterparts.
As we approach this July 4th, Americans have a lot to celebrate in not only their elected presidents but also their first ladies who represent bipartisan commitment to empowering women and improving the health and well-being of the people of Africa and around the world.
Michelle Obama has been open about "the stresses and the pressures" of White House life, telling Vogue, "Our No. 1 priority
For the most part first ladies seldom falter, which is why it was disappointing to read about the wife of a self-described "compassionate conservative" former president fumble on an issue of equal rights.
Former Michigan First Lady, Helen Wallbank Milliken quietly passed away in her Traverse City home this week, leaving behind a passionate legacy for women's rights that I sometimes fear will fall on the deaf ears of subsequent generations, including my own.