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Her open letter encourages other designers to protest Donald Trump's racism and sexism.
Celebrating the first lady's inimitable style.
We're definitely copying these looks at our Christmas parties.
We all obsess over Jackie O's iconic pink suit, the one she wore the day President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. And although she was an unforgettable style legend, there hasn't been a First Lady who wasn't fashionable.
Lady Bird Johnson Here is some modern day FLOTUS glam: Mamie Eisenhower In light of Presidents' Day, we're throwin' it back
The French "first lady" stepped out in South Africa yesterday during a trip with her partner, President François Hollande
Whatever the inspiration, we think Val looked great -- no one can call her "The Rottweiler" in that get-up. Check out the
Michelle Obama is always making news, especially after Inauguration Day. From her smarts to her style, we count down the many reasons why people love our First Lady. Nina Bahadur, Caroline Clarke and Jozen Cummings.
She has captured our hearts with her spirit and all she has done to improve our country. At the same time, she has captured our eyes with her elegance and style.