First Look Media

Nearly two years since the company’s founding, a new strategy is beginning to take shape First Look Media. When it launched
Silverstein, who previously worked for Harper’s and The Los Angeles Times, was hired by First Look in December 2013 to join
First Look Media is going through yet another messy break up with one of its journalists. Though Silverstein appears to have
While a source told Capital New York that Vargas-Cooper's departure was due in part to conflict with editor-in-chief Betsy
After eight months working with the company, former Rolling Stone columnist Matt Taibbi raised several questions with regard
Taibbi, who joined from Rolling Stone in February to build a satirical site focused on politics and Wall Street, left First
Taibbi's reasons for leaving First Look after only eight months -- before ever launching his highly-anticipated digital publication
John Cook, editor-in-chief of The Intercept, the Omidyar-backed site co-founded by journalists Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras
Matt Taibbi, the star magazine writer hired earlier this year to start a satirical website for billionaire Pierre Omidyar's
I don't know who Hirsh's source is for the claim that "the rest of us have moved on." That strikes me more as a funny feeling
As surely -- if not as enthusiastically -- as his predecessor, Obama has succumbed to the powerful systemic pressures that serve the needs of the military-intelligence-industrial complex. Secrecy is rampant. Politics drives policy. There is no accountability.
The end may be near for one of the most widely watched experiments in local journalism. But for someone who has been watching the Digital First story play out in New Haven for the past five years, what happened today was more a disappointment than a surprise.
What besides the sheer volume of announcements and splashy launches has made the last month in media different from any other?
Longtime Rolling Stone journalist Matt Taibbi announced on Wednesday night that he is leaving the magazine to launch his
The first digital venture co-led by Glenn Greenwald is now live. In a blog post on the site, Greenwald, Scahill and Poitras
After months of media speculation, First Look last week pulled back the curtain in a three-minute animated video. Omidyar
Last week, First Look Media announced that it will publish a family of new digital magazines – each with its own editorial