First Nations

"I stand here to honour the Mohawk language and I pay my respects to their people," said Liberal MP Marc Miller.
The Pontiff begged forgiveness while meeting with members of the Metis, Inuit and First Nations communities who came to Rome seeking a papal apology.
The not-for-profit organization behind the iconic Canadian Heritage Minute is tackling Canada's residential school system through a new pod cast and a series of animated shorts.
The school operated from 1899 to 1997 in Saskatchewan. Indigenous leaders say they expect to find even more bodies elsewhere.
Comes after backlash over the derogatory terms referring to First Nations American peoples and those of Latin American descent.
Keep yourself safe and give back to First Nations people and culturally diverse communities.
“It helps plant a seed that there’s people here before you, these are the lands that they’re on, and they’re still here."
"The unfortunate thing is people take a little bit of our culture and twist it into their own liking."
The resistance by the Standing Rock Sioux nation and its allies to the proposed Dakota Access pipeline routing signaled a new stage in evolving community resistance to fossil fuel extraction and transportation -- but also reveals some ugly fissures within America as we enter a four year, almost certainly traumatic presidency.