first pitch

President Donald Trump falsely claimed he'd be throwing the first pitch at a Yankees game, then canceled the fake event.
A 7-year-old threw out the first pitch in Houston for Game 4 of the World Series, using her special 3D-printed robotic hand.
"The ball just got away," said pitcher Jordan Leandre. "Ouch," said the guy in its path, probably.
Maybe he should stick to cliff-jumping in the offseason.
50 Cent may have thrown an awful first pitch, but at least the rapper's wayward throw won't haunt your dreams. Not like Cirque
The summer of horrible first pitches continues. After celebs like 50 Cent and Bob Costas showcased some opening tosses to
"Pretty amazing and better than most we've seen this season," said of Willis' toss. Tom Willis was born without arms
The Only Real Game follows passionate Manipuri baseball players fighting for happiness amid the daily chaos that threatens their lives. When U.S. envoys from MLB arrive to tutor Manipuri coaches, the love of a game shared by two disparate cultures becomes a powerful force for change and hope.
Golf Channel host Holly Sonders "threw" out the ceremonial first pitch with a little bit of flair on Monday before the Rays