The Kevin Durant - Stephen A. Smith beef is just the beginning.
Stephen A. Smith owned up to making the "most egregious error" of his career during a recent rant about domestic violence.
First Take panelists Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless continued to discuss the Ray Rice suspension on this morning's episode, and Smith seized on the opportunity to say some deeply stupid things about the responsibility women have to not provoke men into violently attacking them.
Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith were very wrong about the NBA's best coach, and their integrity as high-profile, respected sports journalists should compel them to say so.
Speaking in a measured tone to start, Sherman told Bayless to address him as "All-Pro Stanford graduate" and then went on
Is this suspension appropriate? Should the decision makers at "First Take" be held as responsible as Parker for encouraging
According to The Big Lead, there is a strong possibility that ESPN will fire Parker. In February, ESPN fired an editor responsible
Liberals and conservatives alike should stop watching cable news until one of the three major stations (MSNBC, Fox, and CNN) puts on a show focused on presenting viewers with honest arguments.
Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs turned the tables on Bayless when he appeared on the show following a loss to the
I wish people would acknowledge Jeremy Lin's incredible story and his racial struggles, but focus more on his on-court performance rather than how the public views his image.