An estimated 200 people were stranded on the ice chunk in Upper Red Lake.
Maine’s shrimp population has declined as its gulf waters have warmed, causing a shrimp fishing ban that may threaten the fishing industry indefinitely.
The fishing duo posed for a photo with their catch just minutes before an official discovered something inside the animals.
The Nebraska man said he initially believed the underwater find was the skeleton of a catfish or deer.
Two Indiana fishermen got a secret toy surprise after one of them caught a blue catfish on the Ohio River last week.
Climate change continues to wreak havoc across the American West.
Josh Rogers released the largemouth bass back into Beaver Lake in the Ozark Highlands.
People on Twitter hailed footage of the bird sinking its talons into a whopper on a Florida fishing expedition.
Facing the loss of a resource that has supported generations of fishing families, this community set out to protect the pristine waters of southeast Alaska — and it's working.
The finding could strengthen calls for a so-called “Blue New Deal.”