Body positivity is not a static achievement, but a constant evolution of our relationship with ourselves. The way we think, feel, and speak about our bodies sets the standard for everyone around us and it's time we raised the bar.
Gym selfies aren't as harmless as you might think.
Alongside the photo composite, she wrote: Follow HuffPostWomen's board Body Image on Pinterest. Imgur user SomewhereUnderWater
How You Can Do What's Best For You Lyonnais said that after she wrote about her experience for xoJane, many women got in
By teaching us how to be aware and focus on the moment -- and on the exercise we're doing, mindfulness makes every workout really count. It also makes exercising safer and more fun, so we're more likely to keep doing it!
Only when we frame fitness as an enhancement to a happy life, rather than a requirement for one, are we likely to do it enthusiastically
17-year-old blogger Paige Padilla attempts to straddle the line between inspiring young women to lose weight without feeding into anorexia. It's a big challenge to maintain a healthy body image, online and off. Guest Torri Singer shares her story.
Offline, men and boys comprise a minority of anorexics, but their proportion is swiftly on the rise, which is why it's concerning
If you are on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter, you have seen fitness inspiration images just in time for "bikini season" to motivate you to "get fit" -- we call them "fitspiration." This is NOT healthy or inspiring.