Five Pillars of Islam

The Florida reading assignment also called the Prophet Muhammad a "villain" and an "ignoramus."
While the religious intent is for these prayers to serve as penta-daily reminders, in practice things get a little complicated.
What is Eid al-Adha? The Eid of the sacrifice takes place on the 10th day of Dhul Al-Hijjah, beginning in 2014 on the evening
With so much misunderstanding in the world about Islam, I hope these simple facts serve to redress some common misconceptions.
First, pilgrims go to Miqat, the entry station to the Hajj, where they bathe, put on special clothing, and make a formal
For me, having been to Egypt nearly 20 times and to Bali over a dozen, they are the perfect Yin/Yang complement to each other -- the masculine and feminine sides of spirituality.
A Kansas elementary school has taken down a hallway display depicting the Five Pillars of Islam after it caused an Internet controversy and complaints from parents.
The controversy comes a month after Florida Rep. Ritch Workman said a textbook used throughout the state has a pro-Islam
At last we came close, but the crowd was too thick for us to touch the stone. Swept along by the human tide, we kept chanting prayers, struggling to touch the stone or the Kaaba whenever possible.
Since our family returned from the US, I have been repeatedly asked to compare life in America to life in the Middle East.