Five Star Movement

Anti-establishment and anti-immigrant parties made serious gains, throwing the country into political uncertainty.
A decades-old experiment in open borders and trade is still in danger as a comedian-turned-politician pushes for Italy to leave the EU, too.
The West isn't in the clear -- elections aren’t everything.
People shouldn’t settle for delegation; they should be able to choose participation.
Waiting 30 years for "big reforms" that never came, Italy should immediately lower full voting rights from 25 to 18 and electoral right to the Senate from 45 to 25. This would enhance political stability and justice for all
Grillo has made all the headlines since the vote, but he is only half the story of his anti-establishment 5-Star Movement
Grillo started gaining notoriety in the mid-2000s when he created "V Day." The (unofficial) Italian holiday stands for victory
The gist of all these arguments is that we can't not have a government, yet we can't figure out how to build one. This is the catch-22 that currently dominates our politics.