fix the debt

I'll say this for them: The Wall Street billionaires and corporate CEOs behind the "Campaign to Fix that Debt" have a lot of nerve. Once again they're using cheap scare tactics, along with some manipulative "nudging," to drum up support for cutting Social Security benefits.
Alf Landon, the Kansas governor running as the Republican Party's 1936 presidential candidate, called it a "fraud on the working man." Silas Strawn, a former president of both the American Bar Association and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, said it was part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's attempt to "Sovietize the country."
Who will dare to ask tonight's debating Republican presidential candidates in Cleveland, "Will you make fixing the national debt a priority in year one of your presidency, if elected?"
"I have mixed feelings about the Fix The Debt effort, mostly because, like so many of these things, the dilemma we have is
In addition to the suggestion that Nunn adopt corporate America's priorities, the memo lists as advisers on issues like tax
Efforts like this should be supported if we are going to tackle issues instead of sidestep them as passing on to the next
Earlier this week, Politico's Byron Tau reported on the sad state of The Can Kicks Back, a deficit-hack outfit spun off of Fix The Debt, whose unique strategy in the "OMG TEH DEFICITZ" Wars was to attempt the enlistment of millenials in the effort to impoverish their grandparents.
The Can Kicks Back, a group affiliated with the influential Campaign to Fix the Debt and supported by former Sen. Alan Simpson
The newspapers involved in the scam were not amused. Read more on PR Watch Say it ain’t so Jon. Our friend Jon Romano, press
It's a major victory. The shutdown's ending, the government isn't defaulting (at least not yet), and Democrats didn't yield in the face of threats and bullying. But what happens next could shape our fate for many years to come.
As the government shutdown marches on and the dangerously real deadline of the federal debt limit approaches, it is increasingly clear that the fight over "Obamacare" is merely an opening salvo.
Inquiring minds want to know, after all, and for good reason. As Roose notes, the group is well-funded by business types
Like most Americans, I support increasing Social Security benefits and understand that there are very practical ways to make that happen. So we'll be glad to answer your question, Fix the Debt. Then we have a few questions for you.
Millennials are a generation which believe in getting things done. We are tired of having our figurative future farm mortgaged by politicians who are not thinking of our future, or of us. The struggle is not about ideology, it's about the elusive thing so central in life: time.
"Scare tactics [such as jumping off a fiscal cliff] by both political parties are non-constructive," cautions Cutler. Think instead, Cutler offers, of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Pointing out the pair survived their jump, Cutler talks of a jump into opportunity.
Broadly speaking, policymakers should acknowledge that our growing debt is a serious threat to the economic well-being and security of our country. It is urgent that we put in place a plan to stabilize the debt as a share of the economy and put it on a downward path.
The group Social Security Works released a video showing a group of "volunteers" trying to find the Virginia headquarters
It's all true -- and there are many more astonishing facts to be found in the world of corporate taxation. To fix the economy more people will need to learn about them -- and demand that they be changed.