FKA Twigs

As the old saying about creativity goes, you can't break the rules until you know them. The same goes for culture. For a brand to employ culture effectively it needs to understand what 'codes' are out there, and which are most culturally salient in order to smash, break and combine them into something that is truly vibrant, new and culturally on point.
Designs rooted in reality and heightened by the imagination. Liam Hodges' innovations have already been worn by international
72 hours of non-stop sun, 100+ musical acts, and a pagan Norse summer solstice celebration all converge at Iceland's Secret Solstice music festival. And despite the jetlag, lack of sleep, and expensive pizza, it was everything I could ask for. Almost.
Posted by actresses, models and musicians, the new breed of braid consists of endless permutations, all of which turn would-be simple styles into cleverly zig-zagged art.
The real treat of the night came when FKA Twigs danced to a rendition of Madonna's "Vogue" -- only to be interrupted by New
The couple, who are reportedly engaged, had the look of love while they posed for photos. FKA Twigs wore a multi-colored
Every year Coachella goers expect a substantial line-up that offers at least a little bit for everybody, and this year was no exception.
EARLIER: Love is real and exists between FKA Twigs, one of last year's biggest breakout artists, and some dude who used to
The 26-year-old singer-songwriter, who also happens to be dating Robert Pattinson, looks gorgeous on the cover of Issue 93
I've selected five of my favorite musical artists not just crushing the competition with their work, but also with their choice of beauty looks. These aren't just the ladies I'm rocking out to; these are the ones that have really impressed me makeup-wise.