The Annapolis mayor said Trump had rejected his request to lower flags on federal buildings.
A nonprofit group raised more than $235,000 and enlisted 5,000 volunteers to make sure no headstone was overlooked this Memorial Day.
After spending months slamming NFL players who “disrespect” the national anthem, President Donald Trump appeared to forget the words to ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ ahead of college football’s national championship game.
"Young men — young black men — are dying, and it’s not even a black or white issue," the rapper told a crowd Sunday. "It’s a human issue."
Trump said Tuesday that flag-burners should lose their citizenship.
National offense can be a heavy burden and yet hard to release, especially if it's informed with long and tortuous histories.
It's a 12th anniversary of Poland's accession to the European Community. Benefits of our membership in the Union are of a
Mathai: "People are totally missing what happened tonight in South Carolina," wrote Mathai in an analysis on Facebook. "It
Coming off his embarrassingly disastrous "oops" run for the presidency four years ago, Rick Perry announced this week that most staffers will no longer receive salaries due to much lower than expected financial donations in his current crawl to the highest office in the land.