Flag Day

"How far toward the Third World we’ve sunk," wrote one conservative commentator.
Ever used a disposable picnic plate with a U.S. flag on it? The Flag Code frowns on that.
How are my children supposed to have a childhood filled with magic and wonder if they are to go over a month without a holiday that is celebrated with a stranger breaking into our home and leaving them gifts and high fructose corn syrup?
Our national parks, monuments and public lands reflect our national identity. These are the very best scenic, historic, cultural and wildlife areas in our country. These are the national treasures we agreed as a nation to protect for the next generation -- for my kids and yours.
Invite a couple friends over for a Flag Day barbecue and center the poster on the fireplace mantle. Flag Day may not be a major holiday, but by this point you consider it your own. And you're pretty happy about it.
Most Americans are unaware that much of our patriotic culture -- including many of the leading symbols and songs -- was created by people with decidedly progressive sympathies. Progressives understand that people can disagree with their government and still love their country and its ideals.
President Obama today thanked the American people for "standing up to oppression" by protesting the Columbus Day holiday. He vowed to take aggressive action to "right the wrongs of our current outmoded holiday calendar" as we "embark on a new era of fairness and equality."
This Flag Day, June 14th, I will think of my grandpa Tesch as I do every year, and remember him in his later years, a bit shaky, but determined to raise the flag. "It is a day when we revere our flag," he would say. "Because our flag represents our country, and what our country stands for."
Happy Flag Day, everybody. And -- with one eye on the Supreme Court -- let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream!
On Flag Day (June 14), the townspeople of Frederick, Maryland will host a big celebration to kick off the year leading up to the 200th anniversary of the composition of The Star Spangled Banner.
“Why isn't it down here where the playgrounds are. And they have it sitting right next to the monument,” Currin griped to
When I first encountered the story behind how National Flag Day came to be, I was immediately inspired by the passion of one young man.
Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey comes within an infield single of throwing the second no-hitter this month for the Mets after none were thrown in half a century.
Worry not, patriotic Americans. June 14th is here, so you can finally get started on your Flag Day celebrations. Just in
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June 14 is known around the country as Flag Day, a celebration of the Second Continental Congress' adoption of the Stars