About 40,000 residents had to flee due to the wildfires statewide
The most dates I've ever had in a week was five -- all with different guys. It's rare, but I've even had multiple dates on the same day. Coffee? Lunch? Dinner? Drinks? There are too many options. Once, I brought two guys out on a group date. It really was an accident.
The Olympic torch arrived in Moscow on Sunday after a quick trip through Greece. The welcoming ceremony was filled with Russian pomp and circumstance. In response, the flame extinguished itself while someone was running through the Kremlin, the Atlantic Wire reports.
Digital bullets might be replacing real bullets but when whole systems like water, electricity, or transportation go down due to hacking, cyberwar or cyber economic espionage; the effect could be the same.
According to the Finnish cyber security site F-Secure, one scientist from the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran sent at
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Some find these extra cautions a waste of time: Are we willing to pay for the cost of convenience to stay so safe? Some will, and some won't.
So what's it worth to you to prevent world-wide economic collapse, or even a major interruption of essential services, like power or water? These are not hypothetical questions.
The role that the Internet and social media played in both organizing and publicizing the events of 2009 was certainly not lost on the regime. This is clearly evidenced by the intense crackdown on Internet freedom that the regime has pursued since then.
Huge stealthy computer viruses with capabilities that sound like the stuff of science fiction have been hard at work, collecting data and data and more data, waiting to strike. It is now clear we live in a world at war.