flame retardants

The results are concerning -- but don't go shopping for a new couch just yet.
For me, this brought home the necessity for manufacturers and the government to take responsibility for keeping hazardous substances out of the marketplace. We cannot be totally effective gatekeepers for our own families.
By Lorri Ballance Laird, LuxEco Advocate You may be at risk to thyroid dysfunction due to chemicals in the environment. Three
The information provided by Exposure Tracker, which Savacool volunteered for use in the breast cancer study, may strengthen
The American Chemistry Council, meanwhile, criticized the petition. "It's unfortunate these groups are presenting families
Only about 1 percent of the plastic estimated to reside in the oceans has been accounted for by the five major floating garbage
Experts also agree on one big problem: We're not really looking. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, for example, has
All of us together can continue to bring change to corporate America, and perhaps one day chemical companies will no longer be on the list of least trusted businesses.
In a reckless, "hope-for-the-best" approach that puts us all at risk, U.S. policy allows the release of synthetic chemicals into the environment -- before their potentially devastating impacts have been adequately evaluated. Multiple Senate bills to fix this toxic system over the past decade have been snuffed out.
Mattress toppers are incredibly common in dorms around the country ,and it appears that most contain flame retardants that seep out and become part of our children's toxic body burden.
"I get moms crying on the phone," said Robinson, owner of the green furniture company EcoBalanza. "Their main concern is
In response, the North American Flame Retardant Alliance (NAFRA) of the American Chemistry Council has asked the health care
Kaiser alone wields significant purchasing power. Roughly $30 million a year is spent to furnish its 38 hospitals and 600
When your child has a chronic health condition that threatens his life and well-being, you gain a sharp perspective on what's important in life.
"It is widely agreed that there are safer alternatives that don't put children's health in jeopardy or place firefighter's
A potential shifting of the bell curve should ring alarms for policymakers, business leaders and parents alike, experts say
"It's déjà vu all over again, and again," said Steven Gilbert, director of the Institute of Neurotoxicology and Neurological
Banking on her success in the 1970s with kids' pajamas, Blum figured a few months of raising awareness would be enough to
We will have to ask our retailers: Are you meeting the California flammability standard with chemicals in foam (i.e., business as usual)? Or are you meeting the standard through physical barriers instead?