The two birds have been "paired up for several years" and can act as surrogate parents, officials say.
Why is it called White Party? Where did it come from? Why Palm Springs? Warm up for White Party Palm Springs with Mike Ciriaco as he explores the history of the big gay event on this week's Monday Mouth-Off from WiRLD.com.
Did you know you spend 2 weeks of your life waiting at traffic lights? Every day, we use, encounter or pass by things and
When I learned there was a place on this earth where there has been almost no measurable rainfall...ever...my curiosity was piqued, and I booked a trip to this extraordinary place -- the Atacama desert in northern Chile.
Meanwhile, in Florida... Okay, we don't really know if this pink flamingo is actually a Floridian, but it IS dancing in a
More still: Here's a strange tale about how a British zoo got its reluctant flamingos to reproduce. And here's a completely
This week, Brandon Flowers runs from the Killers, Robert Plant steps into the swamp, Linkin Park channels Chuck D, Weezer goes indie, and Mavis Staples sits in the pew next to Jeff Tweedy.
The handsome singer, GQ UK's Man of the Year 2008, who makes his audience go weak in the knees, stepped modestly to the microphone and started the show.
Kamfers Dam, a large wetland near Kimberley, South Africa, is one of only four places in the whole of Africa where the spectacular