flappy bird

While the obstacles do become predictable, and you may find the music endearing (eventually), it's the increasing speed of
Someone has made a mash-up of the two. What do you think? We needed them both, in their time. But this. We never wanted this
Get ready everybody, Flappy Bird is coming back. Get ready! (But don't get addicted) Nguyen, who was reportedly making an
The rest, as they say, is history. Nguyen pulled the game, and now the App Store is flooded with Flappy Bird clones. Unfortunately
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There is only one objective -- keep your bird from hitting obstacles or falling on the floor. There is only one kind of obstacle
The game, which made waves for both its simplicity and its difficulty, has recently been taken down. Previously, it was available
According to Mashable, malware-filled versions of "Flappy Bird" are popping up on alternative Android app markets. These
Alright, "Flappy Bird" clones, you can all go home now. We have selected a winner, and other candidates need no longer apply
"Flappy Bird" fans, we feel for you. So we found you a few rebounds to help with the healing process. You fell in love with
“My life has not been as comfortable as I was before,” Nguyen said. He also commented that he has had trouble sleeping. That
And those weeks coincided perfectly with the "Flappy Bird" fury and subsequent fall. The game rose to the top of the App
Nguyen, it seems, has done no such thing. On his Twitter feed on Saturday, he said he didn't want to sell the game, raising
If you've been on an aboriginal walkabout, you may not know that, until yesterday, Flappy Bird was the most popular iPhone and Android app on the planet. Its appeal lies neither in its crappy graphics nor its nonexistent story, but in its addictive difficulty.
After soaring into our hearts with equal parts frustration and addiction, it looks like the viral smartphone game "Flappy Bird" is coming in for a landing. For good.
Flappy Bird, the massively addictive mobile game, took the world by storm before its creator removed it from the Internet
The Vietnam-based creator of the surprise mobile gaming sensation, Dong Nguyen, tweeted Saturday that he would be taking
I, Taylor Casti, am going into the mind of a "Flappy Bird" addict by becoming one. For eight hours, I will play the mobile game that some have called "the ninth circle of hell."
You may have heard about the cognitive benefits of video game playing for middle-aged and older adults.
When "Flappy" found us, we were weak. "Candy Crush" had softened us, and it only took one game to get us hooked. Curse you