Childhood is a time of frequent and intense dreaming for many people. Often these nocturnal experiences from early life have a dark hue--children are especially prone to nightmares, sleep paralysis, and night terrors.
Firefox has already blocked it and Facebook is calling for it to stop. Could this be the end of Adobe Flash?
As someone constantly in the public eye, Kravitz decided during his world tour to turn his camera on the folks -- professionals and fans -- who turn their cameras on him. The result is a surreal exploration into what he sees from day to day.
"My daddy got tired of hearing me bawl and told me to beat her good first chance I got."
Caitlyn brings us the news of a controversial offer from a pizza parlor in Illinois - they're offering free pizza to women who are willing to flash their breasts.
Last month, we told you that DC Comics was going to let the villains take over the entire DC Universe. The good guys were going to be taking the back seat to the bad guys.
Superhero movies show no sign of slowing down -- and for some of us, that's a problem. Now, even women love them, which is no fun for those regular, non-super-powered guys among us.