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But gender aside, there is one trait many "stress-shoppers" have in common: They tend to seek distracting, temporary fixes
Founded in 1995, eBay is regarded as the first and most dominant mass online auction site. But even for eBay, online auctions declined steadily for the past 10 years.
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Under the deal, influential Klout users get access to Gilt's flash sales at varying discounts: the higher a Klout user's
Online booking sites like Priceline.com and Hotwire.com have been helping hotels fill empty rooms at steep discounts for years now. But with recessionary times, come recessionary opportunities to take advantage of consumer's penny pinching desires, and a rash of companies are jumping in the game.
Usually, the data and findings about consumer preferences are hidden behind proprietary and confidential analyses. However, a new study reveals public data on daily deal sites. Their study provides some interesting statistics.
If you are interested in IPOs, then you must be wondering if the daily deal sites are a sustainable business. Perhaps more to the point, you should be wondering how Groupon could be worth $6 billion?
While the economic downturn has conditioned shoppers to wait for bargains, technology has empowered them to find them.
If you know how to mix antiques and other styles together you can create spaces that truly highlight who you are and how you got there. It's not that hard.
Flash sale sites like HauteLook, Gilt Groupe, Rue La La and Ideeli are part of a new breed of retail that's busting budgets and rekindling a shopping frenzy in an otherwise more sedate consumer culture.
We're here to offer a cautionary tale of what happens when you violate the basic rules of buying from what we call "The Flash Sale Mob."
Name: Maddy Moore, Jocelyn Moore Gailliot and September Rinnier Company: Uscoop Location: Washington, D.C. Website: www.theuscoop.com
When Flash Sale Sites emerged a few years ago, it was like we died and went to Century 21 Heaven -- minus the smelly crowds and the horrific communal dressing rooms.
That's not to say that we're not style arbiters. Our buyers edit everything. We curate and we like to be directional. We