flat iron

It's time you stop using that crappy hair straightener.
Illustration: Lisa Grue 3. You replaced your heat-resistant glove with a regular one. You totally lost the special hand protector
Because we know you haven't been. It's okay. We're guilty too. But hi, all that product build-up on the plates is quickly canceling out all the effort you put into styling your hair in the first place. So we found an easy solution to help you get rid of the residue.
Learning how to curl with a flat iron can be tricky though and does take time to get used to. It's a technique that most need to practice to get right. In this post, I will show you how to do it and give you some tricks and tips along the way!
The hair shaft is a delicate structure with two main layers: the inner core and the outer coating. (It can also be divided
Blondes look amazing in black. So it's no surprise that Emmelie Gustafsson's super bright mane and dark ensemble caught our
For starters, are you using a cheapie blowdryer?
1) Invest in your flat iron. A quality flat iron should last up to 10 years. Make sure to purchase one that says “ceramic