Flavor Flav

The legendary hip-hop pioneers piled into a fan's Ford Focus, getting to their show with 15 minutes to spare.
Public Enemy's 'unfuckwitable' DJ talks spreading his wings with Eat The Rat and life with the PE crew.
Flavor Flav pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from a New York traffic stop last year while he was driving to his mother's
It's practically 2015, and we mustn't forget the Tiffany Pollards and Brooklyns of the world. It was the perfectly highlighted and coiffed Todd Chrisley who said, "You don't ever go out of the house with your snapdragon snappin.'" I will buy a round of beer for anyone who can translate that.
Luckily for the rapper-turned-reality-star, police issued a desk appearance ticket in order for him to proceed to his mother’s
Public Enemy played a highly anticipated set at Jay Z's Made in America Festival on Saturday, bringing their brand of oldschool
The clock-wearing hip-hop warhorse, whose first album with Public Enemy debuted in 1987, specifically cited Lil Wayne, Drake
Before my political awakening the Fourth was a fun day of barbecue, games, and fellowship with family and friends. Now, I reflect upon this nation's refusal to live up to the syrupy platitudes about liberty and sacrifice our political leaders will serve us like so many hot dogs.
Flavor Flav's not been having an easy time of it these days with his latest fried chicken restaurant, facing legal troubles
According to a press release, Douglas will be a featured speaker atAdelphi University and will also receive an honorary doctorate
According to Billboard, a Las Vegas judge has scheduled the 54-year-old’s trial date for September 30. During his arraignment
Flav is in town for the grand opening of restaurant Flavor Flav's Chicken & Ribs in Sterling Heights on 15 Mile Road at Van
It's easy to write off today's rappers as nothing more than self-taught entrepreneurs and moguls whose strongest skill is
Flavor Flav was arrested early this morning in Vegas after allegedly assaulting someone in his house with a deadly weapon
But Armstrong wasn't the only musician with an interesting weekend in Las Vegas. Flavor Flav, Public Enemy's clock man and