The wahakura is a traditional woven baby basket used by the Maori.
To add these to your smoothies, simply pick your favorite recipe and blend them in. Use about a tbsp of your chosen seeds, opting for just one variety of seeds per smoothie. These are also great for adding to oatmeal, granola, baked goods or sprinkled over yogurt.
These compounds are also in whole grains, nuts and fruits.
Eating seeds has become very trendy indeed.
Should the rising price of eggs put a crimp in your baking? No! Mix up flaxseed "eggs" in less than a minute. They're good for you and good for the planet.
Whether your farm fits in a window box or spans several acres, ensure a truly green thumb with these Earth-friendly gardening gizmos.
This time, the vegan side was much darker. And there was sort of this area of confluence in the middle that reminded me of where the Chena and Nenana Rivers converge in Fairbanks, Alaska.
I really wanted to write names on some of the vegan cookies I was handing out and it seemed simple enough to create a vegan version -- I just had to find a replacement for those egg whites.
All super ultra fresh, healthy, vegan, raw food goodness. Give my recipes a try, you won't believe it's vegan and raw, and good for you! Even great for our planet.