flesh-eating bacteria

The cause of the infection was reportedly flesh-eating bacteria.
A similar bacteria known as Vibro vulnificus, which infects the bloodstream and is not technically "flesh-eating," leads
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I had 11 surgeries. It's been almost 10 months now. I still don't know how to run, and things still hurt. I still have a ways to go. My physical therapist told me to stop thinking about my rehab in days and weeks and start thinking about it in seasons.
Education officials in the Bronx didn't feel the need to tell parents that a flesh-eating bacteria had been detected in a
Diagnosed too late Tocco Tussardi and her colleagues were part of the team that treated a 44-year-old man who first sought
Hanford isn't the only young women to make headlines over the summer for surviving an encounter with a rare type of flesh
Since misdiagnosis or failing to diagnose the flesh-eating bacteria usually results in amputation or death, any and all symptoms
Copeland is also experiencing the sensation of phantom limbs, a post-amputation phenomenon of feeling the removed body parts
ABC 57 reported that doctors say Queen's recovery is expected to take months. Kaylee is out of ICU and has moved to surgery