flexible work schedule

As Paul Ryan throws enters the race for the role of Speaker of the House, he is setting boundaries to carve out family time for himself. Do his statements signal a shift change in the conversation around work and family balance?
After evaluating her findings, Munsch said that the onus falls on employers to remedy the situation by adopting more transparent
So, we wondered, how many of us actually HAVE those things? And if we could gift ourselves more time, how would we use it
What does success mean? What are our 'life ambitions' -- corporate, family and more? As we start to engage proactively in these questions, flexibility -- the ability to have some choice and control over our combination of life activities -- is a critical part of the future solution.
One well-known study looked deeper into the health impact of flexible work environment by following 608 white-collar workers
Work/life balance is something every adult strives for, but for women in competitive corporate positions, clocking out before 8 p.m. is often seen as a sign of weakness.