Eating your veggies is suddenly hip. It seems that a message needs to come from many different directions, in several modalities
The popularity of new items like vegan pizzas and a DIY wok bar have surprised even the dining staff. "Initially this promotion
I brought my meat-eating (only about once a week if that, cos I'm hard on his case), husband to the screening. After the
For most people, reducing meat consumption is simply not that easy. Luckily, though, if you'd like to reduce your meat consumption -- and go, as some say, "reducetarian" -- science offers tips to help you.
In that same vein, I was taken aback, in a good way when I watched Maurice Dekkers' Ants on a Shrimp, a culinary film about
Like trend-conscious restaurateurs, school nutrition professionals know that their customers want the same things they see on TV food shows with celebrity chefs.
Iin recent years, the Paris dining and food shopping scene has become increasingly veg-friendly, with hip new restaurants popping up all around the city, and natural food stores that are no longer the dusty granola kind.
A study published in the journal BMC Medicine showed a link between high consumption of processed meats and heart disease and cancer. But plenty of healthy people eat meat, so what's the best way to consume? Dr. Jonny Bowden joins us to talk about what types of meat are healthiest.
Vegetarianism in itself is inherently complicated. Regardless of the choices you make in your diet, the more the dots are connected between health, compassion and ecology, the more nourishing your diet will become for your mind and your body.
I, along with a talented group of volunteer chefs, have collected almost 200 recipes that will be printed in The Flexitarian Cookbook this summer.
There's no way around it: Meat production is bad for the environment. Ozone-destroying methane in cow farts, overflowing