Newark, New Jersey, could be the next Flint if officials do not solve the lead water crisis that’s hurting the city and its residents.
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) gave a fiery response to claims her climate change legislation was elitist.
Terry Crews headed to Capitol Hill to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee and to fight for the rights of sexual assault survivors. He also explained the dangers of fighting back as a black man in America.
The city hasn’t had clean water for more than 1,400 days.
Dr. Abdul El-Sayed hopes the things that set him apart can bring Michigan together.
The conservative media giant dominates local TV in the troubled city, where people say the press hasn’t raked nearly enough muck.
And the most vulnerable are low-income families, children and communities of color.
J.J. Green launched a fundraising campaign after learning investors wanted to take the film out of Flint.
Another hint that the U.S. ought to quit using lead pipes for water.
The singer urged Americans to "not forget our brothers and sisters affected by this disaster."
“I’m a Flint kid that wants to help all the other Flint kids.”
Flint and its water crisis offer a case study in the program's value to children.
Want to keep drink clean water? The EPA Administrator doesn’t care. Scott Pruitt wants to remove protections on one third of America’s drinking water. But even some Republican lawmakers think he’s going to far.
The Tunisian native reportedly tried to buy a gun in the U.S.