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With Water Box, a portable filtration system created with support from Jaden Smith, First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church hopes to help ensure residents' access to safe drinking water.
“We’ve got an ongoing crisis to this day,” the Natural Resources Defense Council says.
They'll pass flood aid for the South, while stiffing African-Americans in Flint.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) absolutely hammered the GOP for jumping to help Southerners hurt by floods while stiffing African Americans in Flint, Michigan for a year.
But the city's mayor said some homes in Flint cannot be fitted with filters, so bottled water is still needed.
Officials issued more than 10,000 violations since November 2013 for dangerous lead paint conditions in multi-unit residential buildings across the city. Find out if you live in one.
Lead paint is making New York City’s children sick -- and some landlords see it as the cost of doing business.
The House lawmakers say the current law helped trigger the city's catastrophe.
"We don't want our pain to be exploited as a political backdrop. We need more from both of the candidates."