flint michigan

A new program in Flint, Michigan, could be a model for the rest of America ― but only if the right officials are in place to support it.
A proposal to provide direct cash payments to expectant mothers and newborns could shield children from the long-term effects of growing up poor.
Residents of the majority-Black city were exposed to lead when the city pulled water from the Flint River without treating it.
At one point Elon Musk pledged to give away half his fortune. Now, he's spending $44 billion to control Twitter.
New rules instated after the Flint water crisis were heralded as the nation’s strictest, but lax enforcement and testing gaps mean all is not as it seems.
Joe Biden keeps saying “all” lead pipes will be removed.
The legislation from state Sen. Jim Ananich and state Rep. John Cherry would extend the statute of limitations for crimes related to the Flint water crisis.
Just an hour's drive from Flint, the presidential hopefuls said little about the growing list of threats to America's drinking water.
Snyder's administration was blamed for the Flint water crisis, but the Kennedy School honored him with a teaching position.
Castro, a former Housing and Urban Development secretary, is the first presidential hopeful to announce a dedicated plan on the issue.