It's time we reconcile our beliefs and practices with scientific evidence and 21st century values such as individual freedom and equality, and let go of the beliefs and practices from the 7th century that don't make sense anymore.
The supreme court ruling effectively legalizing gay marriage across the United States has caused a stir not just among conservatives and religious fanatics here in the United States but in many parts of the Muslim world as well. It is a good thing we are discussing a topic rarely brought up in Muslim communities.
This was a busy week in politics, as the Republicans in the new Congress began a bout of legislating and President Obama ramped up his agenda in preparation for next Tuesday's big speech to Congress and the country.
Saudi blogger Raif Badawi with his children. Photograph: Handout The Guardian. Here is the actual writing that gets you put in prison for 10 years and lashed 1000 times in Saudi Arabia. I call on all bloggers who value freedom of speech to pass this on.
The U.S. is certainly no model for respecting freedom of expression -- as we saw in the streets of Ferguson where peaceful protesters were teargassed and beaten -- but it shouldn't overlook the human rights abuses carried out by a country that imprisons, tortures and executes its citizens simply for speaking their minds.
A liberal blogger in Saudi Arabia has been publicly lashed fifty times after being convicted of cybercrime and insulting Islam.
So, proudly, claims the official website of the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington, D.C. If you were to ask imprisoned liberal Saudi writer Raif Badawi, you may hear otherwise. Or not. He may not be able to tell you what he really thinks.
Parenting is hard, and trying to figure the appropriate punishment gains nothing with the force of violence. Especially because it was done in the days of slavery, and in spite of the fact that it was done to us as children, it needs to stop.
Mark Morford is an award-winning columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle/SFGate, the author of The Daring Spectacle: Adventures
Although the UN does important humanitarian work, it is overgrown with the weeds of a dysfunctional bureaucracy and spineless leadership, and has become a watering hole for states that are prepared to sanction sex discrimination and extremist ideology without fear of serious challenge by the world body.
A Republican state legislator in Montana, who once asked to be paid in gold coins, has introduced legislation that would allow convicted criminals in the state to request a sentence of corporal punishment in lieu of jail.
Corporal punishment remains a common form of criminal punishment in several countries including Singapore, Iran, Saudi Arabia
Flogging sounds like a cruel, harsh alternative to prison. Moskos teaches at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and according
The girls defended their actions, saying they were harassed by the director, Okaz reported. In January 2010 a teenage girl
Perhaps if Saudi institutions like a school in Jubail stopped treating women as kids they will stop acting like kids.
The Nigerian star Stephen Worgu, who plays in Sudan, has been convicted of drinking alcohol, and has been sentenced to be
"We have contradicting interests," he said. Hussein can face at least 40 lashes, according to Adeeb. "This is a case about
The Islamist Adhaalath Party, which is a member of the coalition government, has denied organising these demonstrations. For
Keep in touch with Huffington Post World on Facebook and Twitter. "Apparently only girls must be punished for their libido