Florence Pugh

The "Oppenheimer" actor's look had us all searching for a glass of water.
The “Priscilla” director shared her frustration with not being able to move forward on her planned adaptation of a classic 1913 novel.
Video from the incident shows an item fly into frame and knock Pugh hard near her right eye during an photo-op with her cast mates.
The “First Class” rapper was asked about his A-list infatuations after allegedly being spotted making out with an Oscar-nominated actor.
Haley Joel Osment, who became famous after starring in "The Sixth Sense," said his sister Emily Osment had "a way tougher path" as a child star.
The "Oppenheimer" actor said people have become "terrified of the human body."
Everyone needs this kind of friend standing next to them on the red carpet.