One man's unique case may have uncovered a loophole in Florida law that allows for certain forms of oral sex between humans
When cops came to a man's house on a tip that he had child pornography, according to authorities, they found something they
There may be some terrible news to report out of Florida today, depending on how the state's residents have collectively
Thus ends a long and frustrating quest for Rich, who has been trying to pass such a law since 2009. It seemed certain that
Apparently, a lawmaker in the Florida House of Representatives ran afoul of that august body's rules of politesse today after he used an inappropriate word on the House floor today. That word: uterus. Wait, what?
The Florida Senate just unanimously voted (again) to make sex with animals illegal. Sen. Nan Rich introduced the bill, noting
Its advocates say that in the political stew of a legislative session, the very outrageousness of the topic worked against
All eyes on Florida today, as a nation of journalists will jockey to be the first to tweet about Florida Governor Charlie