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Robert Capecchi, deputy director of state policies for Marijuana Policy Project, said that while he hasn't read the entire
Adelson, chairman of Las Vegas Sands Corp., opposed the measure even though his medical research organization, the Dr. Miriam
NEW JERSEY: Voters will decide Public Question No. 1, a bail reform measure that could reduce the pretrial incarceration
In less than one month, Florida will decide if medical marijuana should be legal. Amendment 2 on the ballot "allows the medical use of marijuana for individuals with debilitating diseases as determined by a licensed Florida physician."
The amendment would not authorize recreational use, possession or the production of marijuana. However, that hasn't stopped
Florida, however, lags behind the likes of Colorado and Washington state, where both medical and recreational use has been
Before the sun set over the rows of palms and ferns and hibiscus that Thursday, Chuck Buster had heard from a half dozen
By Bill Cotterell After Jan. 1, 2015, doctors will be allowed to prescribe low-THC marijuana treatment for state residents
While casino mogul and GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson has reportedly poured millions into the fight against legalizing medical
The irony of even the possibility that Wasserman Schultz's position on medical marijuana aligns with Adelson's was not lost
Medical marijuana advocates are turning up the heat on House lawmakers who last week voted against an amendment to block the Drug Enforcement Administration from cracking down on state-legal medical marijuana shops and patients.
The appropriations measure prohibiting the DEA from spending funds to arrest state-licensed medical marijuana patients and
On behalf of all those who truly need MMJ to ease their suffering, I would like to thank VNO2 for "pulling a Microsoft" and giving our Legislature the tools that will make Amendment 2 a reality.
"We're trying to get our volunteers mobilized and get the word out to as many people as we possibly can," said John Makris
This year, three initiatives are moving forward in Florida that can help control the quality, quantity and delivery of a substance that can help thousands of suffering Floridians.
Scott, who has consistently suffered some of the lowest approval ratings among current U.S. governors, spoke out against
The Florida Sheriffs Association voted almost unanimously this month to oppose medical marijuana, saying it would lead to
By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — A Florida measure that would allow the use of medical marijuana has cleared
Still, Florida's ballot initiative must first be approved by the state Supreme Court -- before it can be voted on by the