Florida Sinkhole

Another day, another sinkhole in Florida. This time the victim was 63-year-old Anna Maria Jones.
Sinkholes are commonly caused when water underneath the ground washes away limestone, causing the earth above to fall in
A sinkhole in Canada suddenly appeared in the middle of a street, causing a backhoe to fall in. In Louisiana, a sinkhole
It also caused a sinkhole, which was just big enough to nearly swallow a yellow sports car as the driver was stopped at a
So far this year, three sinkholes have been reported in Seffner alone. State geologist Jonathan Arthur told the Associated
While home insurance policies can be easily amended to include damage from sinkholes, many homeowners in the area opted out of sinkhole cover because the insurance premiums rose fast in 2011.
But despite efforts to spot sinkholes before they occur, there are still plenty of unpleasant -- and occasionally tragic
It's horrifying to think that a sinkhole could open up under a person's bed and swallow him whole, like it did Thursday night
Bay News 9 describes the chasm as 40 feet wide and 20 feet deep. Large enough for officials to justify condemning the property
Just a week after a massive sinkhole displaced a family in Orlando, another widening land cavity has opened up in Jonesville