Florida Sinkhole

Another day, another sinkhole in Florida. This time the victim was 63-year-old Anna Maria Jones.
Geologists told the station that while the sinkhole doesn't appear to be getting wider, it is getting deeper. Florida's Emergency
The Florida woman was driving in Ponte Vedra Beach when she drove through what looked like a water main break, WTSP reported
A new sinkhole has opened in the very same central Florida town where a man was swallowed and killed in February. Sinkholes
While home insurance policies can be easily amended to include damage from sinkholes, many homeowners in the area opted out of sinkhole cover because the insurance premiums rose fast in 2011.
In an effort to prevent injuries, deaths, and property losses caused by sinkholes, scientists have tested various methods
In August last year, the ground broke beneath people in two separate incidents. Surveillance footage captured the ground
When 79-year-old Susan Minutillo left her home in Hudson, Florida, on Thursday morning to run an errand for a friend, she
Chris Gilbert of the Environmental Protection Agency also said that drought as well as people pumping too much water from