Florida Supreme Court

Move follows Florida Supreme Court ruling that some juveniles sentenced to life in prison can be eligible for a new sentence.
A sea-change is brewing in Florida and it's shaping up to be the most closely watched 2016 referendum on any state's election ballot. Given that Florida harbors the most potential for solar in any state east of the Mississippi River and is the country's largest underperforming solar market, the stakes couldn't be higher.
By law, the seven justices will not rule on the merits of marijuana legalization, but will decide only if the proposed ballot
R.J. Reynold's also argued that "the trial court improperly admitted lay witness testimony regarding the decedent’s addiction
Domville's case is now pending in Broward Circuit Court and the case has been reassigned to Judge Marc Gold. (c)2013 the
Feel like taking the new ruling for a spin? Here are some Miami-made tunes to crank in the car: In Miami, we like the cars
Can a dog violate your constitutional rights? The high court recently agreed to hear two separate cases from Florida in which police dogs, trained to sniff out illegal drugs, alerted their human handlers to the presence of drugs.
In 2010, the three justices joined the majority in a 5-2 decision to reject a state effort to invalidate the heath care reform
In New York, Cesar Vargas, a Mexican immigrant who came to the U.S. at the age of 5 with his mother, graduated from the City
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