"My dentist hates when I call him a face gynecologist."
Putting on your best smile isn’t always easy. Between wine or coffee stains and that inevitable natural yellowing that happens
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We're busy, we're telling people to fuck off, we're saying "no," "I can't" and "I won't" more this year in an effort to guard
What is that possible link? Your mouth has lots of bacteria and your gums have lots of blood vessels. Any disruption or accumulation
Let's be clear about one thing. No study, and certainly no dentist, would ever claim or even imply that flossing is harmful. You would be hard-pressed to find a study that concludes a person's health is improved by eliminating flossing from her oral health routine.
Listen, I hear you when it comes to flossing. I don't always want to do it, and I have never enjoyed my dentist's well-meaning lectures to make flossing a habit. But, as much as I understand the dread of that flossing conversation, I am going to keep the conversation alive.