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It's a sad truth, but some of our favorite books continue to be challenged and banned worldwide. While we think that it's
Lifetime's TV movie adaptation of "Flowers In The Attic" was filled with sibling incest, grandmotherly whippings and poisoned
Lifetime's adaptation of the V.C. Andrews slumber party must-read was a hit with viewers, bringing in 6.1 million for the
All in all, Lifetime’s adaptation of "Flowers in the Attic," which aired over the weekend, turned out to be a lot more faithful
The Whippings Both scenes involving Corrine and Chris getting whipped weren't nearly scary enough. It's not just the fact
"Flowers In The Attic" debuts on Sat., Jan. 18 on Lifetime. "Flowers In The Attic" hasn't even hit Lifetime yet, but the
V.C. Andrews' original dark, terrifying and incest-filled novel was published in 1979, and later turned into a campy cult
Lifetime's "Flowers In The Attic" has a spooky new trailer. The hyped adaptation of V.C. Andrews' classic novel will premiere
A preview of Lifetime's "Flowers In The Attic."
It's been a good month for Dylan Bruce. The "Orphan Black" star, who recently scored a guest role on Season 2 of The CW's