He was one of the major figures in Detroit's cultural history, dominating the last quarter of the twentieth century in the same way Detroit blue-blood W. Hawkins Ferry dominated the period after the Second World War and into the 1970s.
At home with the Dalai Lama and the former President of Lithuania, Valdas Adamkus. Seven years ago, two tall Lithuanians
Meet Charlotte Moorman, the feminist, avant-garde master art history forgot.
In the art world, it seems 2015 was the year of the underdog. In and among the blockbusters and biennials, there were a great number of retrospectives devoted to artists who have long been under-rated, under-valued, and under-recognized for their achievements.
In 1992, Emily Harvey, a New York gallerist known for her support of the international avant-garde community, conceived of The Cast Iron Court Corporation Group Show, a curatorial project to be held in her SoHo building, 537 Broadway/110 Mercer Street, the last of George Maciunas's 16 Fluxhouses. It was an exhibit that somehow never materialized.
"Nam June Paik: Becoming Robot" is the first New York exhibition dedicated exclusively to the artist since his death in 2006
Jane was an art critic who became a social worker. She worked for Art News, Arts Magazine and the Village Voice and met Douglas
The second monitor showing Cut Piece, facing the first on the opposite wall, is a recreation of the original performance
While the spirit of Pop Art sought to bring low culture to the arena of fine art, Wooster Enterprises sought to do just the
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