Robb Manes, who filmed the outlandish scene, dubbed it “The Great Mattress Migration of 2019.”
Boeing finally told the FAA about a problem with its 737 Max aircraft 13 months after it discovered the problem.
Cellist Jingling Hu said American Airlines employees told her repeatedly she could take her cello if she paid for a separate ticket.
A passenger said the engine "hit a window and busted it wide open."
The United States’ oldest civil rights group says flying American Airlines is risky for black travelers.
There is an airline cone of silence relegating the customer to a captive state of information deprivation.
Our American Airlines flight roared up into the sky over the California mountain tops, its large body seemingly out of control. The plane banked far left and then far right, several times, rocking back and forth, then leapt up into the sky and then, seemed to be falling to the earth
Everyone hates flying, but brown people have it especially rough. Comedian and famous brown man Aasif Mandvi shows brown people how to blend in with the white folks and actually make their flight in this hysterical but all-too-true Flight Safety PSA. NOTE: these examples have actually happened. Seriously. We wish we were making this up. To learn more about how you can help refugees and families in crisis, visit the International Rescue Committee at
BP: My goal is to bring together all the actors of clean technologies, the ones who produce clean technologies, the ones
Second, we need more gates, more terminal space, and easier airport accessibility for both planes and passengers in order
3. The iconic paint scheme. Jackie came up with the idea to hire the most famous designer in the world, Raymond Loewy, to