flying saucer

The model flying saucer was stolen from outside the city's UFO Museum.
Do I believe in UFOs? That's not the point. I was drowning in Trump mania and decided to escape to the more benign craziness of believers in aliens from outer space.
2) Did the military switch materials that Maj. Marcel brought back from the debris field and, instead, allow the press to
NASA will test its experimental "flying saucer" that could someday help put humans on Mars, and the event will be streamed
"The scientific evidence of the likelihood of intelligent life in our vicinity has become so overwhelming that the people
Something odd seems to have occurred over the weekend during a live news broadcast in Argentina -- a rapidly moving, disc
Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us On Twitter | Contact The Author "The object can be seen to sway gently back and forth, which
Those aren't the only dubious stories involving UFOs and aliens to originate in Russia without any major media fanfare in
And for those who favor conspiracy theories, there are allegations that some UFO videos have been targeted for deliberate
Whatever it was over the skies of Tucson, Ariz. and Kansas City, Mo., eyewitnesses in both cities agree -- it was quite a
In this video, Polish artist Hubert Czerepok guides us trough his exhibition History and Utopia, a solo show at Arsenal Gallery
Check out these UFOs, some of which haven't yet been identified: As the couple watched, the UFO seemed to be stationary in
"In this video, the plane appears to be approaching toward the camera more or less, and then near the end, it turns to the
Coleman tried to maneuver the bomber in order to "head him off at the pass," but by the time he was able to emerge from behind
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Ancient UFOs; scores of videos and photographs; military and government officials offering credible testimony; thousands