flying with kids

If you live in a different state than your immediate family, traveling with your children is inevitable. Having done this for the past five years, I like to consider myself a professional.
Your days of paying extra to sit next to your children may be over.
And there it was: compassion -- real life human compassion on an airplane. And best yet, it came from a child! My child. Millennial
Over the past ten years we've done our fair share of long haul flights with the kids. Through trial and error, I've come to discover what it takes to set our family up for success. Here are some tried and tested ideas to relieve stress and effectively get your family from A to B via airplane:
It was on a transatlantic flight to London, England. The captain invited some others kids and me on the flight to visit the
Whether it's for a family vacation or visiting relatives, air travel is a necessity for passengers of all ages. Infants and toddlers CAN travel well, so long as their travel companions are well-prepared.
Just before Christmas 2012, six-month-old Isaac Appaqaq died in a plane crash. When the Perimeter Aviation twin engine turbo prop aircraft he was onboard overran the runway, little Isaac was the only fatality.
Four-year-old Léa Langumier has been flying with her dad, Raphael, since she was 2. And though she's accompanied him on many
5. Not everyone wants to hear you speak. Whether it's a weekday or the busiest weekend of the year, flying can be a terrible