foam roller

These will ensure you enjoy every hour of your trip.
Before you give up on your recovery routine entirely, we're about to make it easier for you to manage. While both foam rolling and stretching have their merits, if you've only got time for one, you should grab your trusty foam roller.
Let the Pros Handle It Don't Let the Tissues Get "Crunchy" If you've ever had a shoulder rub and heard something that sounded
4. Save pain for later. Admit it: When you roll, you look for painful spots in your muscles and sort of "hang out" on them
The key is spending enough time on your roller to make a difference. Speeding through the moves is one of the most common
By Christine Yu for Life by DailyBurn Mistake #4: You have bad posture. Wait, what does your posture have to do with foam
Want to de-stress, improve flexibility and prevent injury in just minutes? Celebrity trainer Ashley Borden says foam roller
5. Make It A Daily Ritual Even on days that you're not in the gym, foam rolling should be part of your repertoire. "I try
Foam rolling helps to create and maintain long, smooth muscles by massaging out the knots and releasing trigger points. Here are my three favorite exercises on the foam roller.