Focus on the Family

The New Orleans Saints quarterback faced backlash after encouraging students to partake in "Bring Your Bible to School Day," a Focus on the Family initiative.
"The day I told my family I was gay changed the course of my life forever."
It was a harbinger of a world in which LGBTQ equality is terribly fragile.
This Mother's Day, let's support women by rejecting the false narrative of "family breakdown."
This project by HRC is the latest endeavor of progressive and LGBTQ organizations to expose conservative and religious right groups.
Why do many evangelical Christians still back Donald Trump? Because they are consistent.
When attempting to talk about Focus on the Family, it's particularly difficult not to plunge head first into the dark waters of "Us vs. Them" as one its LGBTQ descendants. However, Amber Cantorna, a Focus executive's daughter, inspires us to try.