Focus on the Family

The New Orleans Saints quarterback faced backlash after encouraging students to partake in "Bring Your Bible to School Day," a Focus on the Family initiative.
"The day I told my family I was gay changed the course of my life forever."
It was a harbinger of a world in which LGBTQ equality is terribly fragile.
This Mother's Day, let's support women by rejecting the false narrative of "family breakdown."
This project by HRC is the latest endeavor of progressive and LGBTQ organizations to expose conservative and religious right groups.
Why do many evangelical Christians still back Donald Trump? Because they are consistent.
When attempting to talk about Focus on the Family, it's particularly difficult not to plunge head first into the dark waters of "Us vs. Them" as one its LGBTQ descendants. However, Amber Cantorna, a Focus executive's daughter, inspires us to try.
Gen. Schwarzkopf even asked the chaplains in populated areas to remove their religious insignia from their uniforms, noting
"What a spectacle it is for the same people who preach freedom in voluntary economic activities to call for the full force
"An event like this doesn't create any new right; it's already there," Cushman told HuffPost. "All students have those equal
It was a childrearing book. It sat on a bookshelf in our house for months until I couldn't stand the sight of it any more. Finally I got rid of it.
Do you remember Focus on the Family? James Dobson's famously malicious, anti-everything crew from the Bush years? You might.
While I'm sure that people like the Dobsons are thrilled to have someone as influential as yourself to give them a platform for the hatred, bigotry, and lawlessness that they espouse, those of us who believe in true religious freedom find your venomous influence over so many of our fellow Americans to be quite disturbing.
Next Thursday, May 1, is the National Day of Prayer -- that abhorrently unconstitutional congressionally mandated day each year when our government tells us all that we should pray.
"I think five to 10 years from now, we're going to look back on this and say, 'Maybe that wasn't such a wise idea' and we're
No one likes to admit it, but there is no such thing as unconditional love. Love occurs under certain conditions, and those conditions can disappear.
Setting off yet another scandal, the United States Air Force Academy has hired and promoted "ex-gay" cure advocate, Dr. Michael Rosebush, USAFA 1975, as a staff member for the Academy's Center of Character and Leadership Development.
Most Christians once opposed the fight for equality for gays and lesbians. Today many Christians and other people of faith are at the forefront of the fight to end discrimination against the gay and lesbian community -- even working to support marriage equality.