Foie gras

Mayor Bill de Blasio is expected to sign legislation that will ban the controversial French food, made from fattened duck or goose liver.
Just as is true with the local food movement, with farm-to-table dining -- call it what you will -- each little step in the right direction makes a difference, and those little steps taken together form the first leg of the journey toward a better cuisine, healthier, happier eaters, and a truly sustainable food system.
At Amazon, unconscionably cruel foie gras is still just a click away.
It's the Shut the Duck Up Burger, a mouthwatering thumb in the air at the foie gras ban in California created by chef Jason Quinn of The Playground restaurant in Orange County.
Named after the river that runs through it and also known as Perigord, Dordogne is particularly known for the delectable and unique cuisine that is prepared there.