Follow the money

We must be wary of letting ourselves be swayed by lies that may appeal to our wishes for the world rather than recognizing how the world really is.
In modern American politics, cash is king. Hopeful candidates tap into donor networks, amass millions in contributions, and bury their opponents under a mountain of ads. The strong survive, and the weak are spent into oblivion.
If the FCC fails to take this simple step -- or if it's restricted from doing so -- the Internet as we know it could be lost. That's exactly what companies like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon want. And they are paying good money to make sure Congress does their bidding.
The Irvine Foundation is one of the most important foundations in California. The work of Irvine, Annenberg, Ahmanson, Parsons, Taper, Weingart and Rose Hills has changed the way the arts and health care function in the state.
"On the way, it introduced me to farmers, truckers, musicians, missionaries, bankers, nurses, army veterans, bartenders, car
Oxfam America has launched a campaign calling on major oil, gas, and mining companies to respect people's "right to know" all the facts about how oil, gas, and mining projects affect their communities.