So with rates already near zero, central banks cannot lower them very much. For this reason, they want to load up on ammunition
Why do we worry so much about what the Fed will do? And is there anything we can learn from this?
Later today, we hear from the Fed President but, of course, nothing will change.  There's no way they will raise rates with
Undermining the PM's credibility is the discovery that, despite the EU holding off their 2016 Budget Review until after the
It's the Senate confirmation fight nobody's talking about.
  Have a good week, We're not bearish yet, however.  More like neutral in our 4 Member Portfolios as we lock in our excellent
60 points. That's the difference between where the S&P was Tuesday morning, when I warned "The Joke's on You if You are Buying this Rally" and where we are now.
It has been so long since the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates in the US that Banks and Brokerage houses are having seminars for their workers to help them understand the repercussions of a rising rate environment.
It's wonderful to be able to take advantage of silly market moves after hours. Have you ever read something in the paper and wished you could place a trade but the markets are closed? Futures trading fixes that problem.
And up we go again! After failing the 16,000 line early yesterday, the Dow has now come back 450 points (2.8%) thanks to Janet Yellen's bullish outlook in yesterday's "do-over" speech at Amherst.