"It was not my intent to be used for everything," Chris Costello admits. "It's way overused."
I have realized that sometimes the slightest tweak in a name, a color, or a font, can have a remarkable effect on the perception of a business. Now, to a marketing professional, that might be old news. But, for the small-time business people who are more focused on their craft, this could be valuable advice.
Common Sans replaces the charged descriptor with something everyone can relate to.
The typefaces you select suggest a lot about your personality; each has a tone and voice and character all its own. The alphabet of each typeface has a distinctive architecture, one that communicates far more than just the basic meaning of words.
One in every five people has dyslexia, making it the most common learning disability. Those with dyslexia undergo a more
Today's connected world is bound to become even more complex, as devices with screens become even more pervasive. Brands and advertisers will need to work harder to grab your attention -- and legible type is key.
"These documents make reading interactive for a general audience... [it's] knowledge as well as art," he added. "This series
It behooves Americans not only to pause and consider their war dead, even if just doing so by pondering the anonymous tale of a single lapidary name, but also to think about a contemporary society where the whole concept of such binding sacrifice is equally dead.
A bit stodgy and old-fashioned -- this typeface family dates back to the 18th century, after all -- but with a hint of vintage
Typography is a powerful invention. It is, after all, the design mechanism that brings us the words of novelists and writers
What do a brain, a Snickers bar, an aquamarine egg yolk and a cluster of breasts have in common? Well, not much, except they're
It's taken our breath away, just like a double shot of whiskey would.
So far, PuppyText has its own Facebook page, iPhone app and nifty puppy-writing website where visitors can type in any message
Admitting that the New Alphabet was over the top in its original creation - unreadable even - Crouwel states that he, "didn't